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Latest Member Updates
# Date Member -- Location Type
1Feb-29 2024 bunsontherun 5.4kmCalgary/Glenmore
Run Very mild which resulted in lots of water over ice. Had to be very careful out on the park trails.
2Feb-29 2024 bunsontherun 0.0kmNorthhill GYMVMT M-S 0930-1030 Full Throttle Flex with Crescent Patton

4 Stations, 5 Activities per station, 55 Seconds per Activity, 2 times around.
3Feb-28 2024 Slacker 6.7kmHamilton, Kaymar,
Winslow Cr.
4Feb-28 2024 bunsontherun 7.1kmCalgary/Glenmore
Run Ended up starting off with walk with Grant Brydle, then we went separate ways at the Canoe Club. Then on return ran into him at the Canoe Club again and ended up just chatting mostly on the way back.
5Feb-27 2024 bunsontherun 0.0kmNorthhill GYMVMT M-S 1630-1730 Muscle Pump with Elisa Choi
6Jun-21 2013 Double
1.6kmWest Toronto Classic
Beer Mile
Race Penalty Lap!
7Feb-24 2024 Slacker 13.4kmHuron Oaks Golf
Course, BG.
8Feb-21 2024 Slacker 6.4kmSt. Michael Catholic
School, BG.
9Mar-16 2024 Double
21.1kmAsheville Half
10Feb-24 2024 bunsontherun 4.2kmCalgary/Glenmore
Run With the dusting of snow it covered up a lot of the icy spots. As a result had to be careful where I walked; and as it turned out I took a tumble on the ice, but shoulder took brunt of the fall.
After walk, met up with Cal Bray, David Latimer and his wife, Graham Bartlett and his wife, Noelle O'Riordan, Natalie Forbes, Dawson Milbury, Amy Haskewich and Fedeliza Espiritu

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  1. What is
  2. Why should I use ItsMyRun?
  3. How do I use ItsMyRun?
  4. How do I Delete or Edit a Run/Race that I just entered incorrectly?
  5. How do I load data from my Forerunner?
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  8. Who is ItsMyRun?
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  1. What is is simply a online running community to share running logs and race results.

  2. Why should I use ItsMyRun?

  3. How do I use ItsMyRun?

    First register, it's very basic.
    Then add the latest race that you have ran (with the Add Race link), if you know add a future race too, use it as a motivation for your next goal race. From there start to browse others members races.
    You can also start loading in your training runs, use the notes section like a BLOG to let everyone know how you felt, where you ran and what you saw.
    Take a peek at the Member List, it's a great way to summarize what all the members have done lately.
    Go back to your profile and add some comments about yourself, it's a great place to post your goals, plans, and dreams, once they are posted they are another great motivational tool to remind you what you want to accomplish next, and what you have already achieved.
    Use the Feedback or Contact Me links to ask questions to other members that might just have the answers or insight to help you take the step to the next level in your running.

  4. How do I Delete or Edit a Run/Race that I just entered incorrectly?

    Log in. On your race results page or run log page, click "edit" for the race in question, far right field with image that looks like this . A new window will open that you can edit, "delete race?" is top left button, click "Save Changes" when you are finished.

  5. How do I load data from my Forerunner?

    Have you installed Garmin Training Center on your computer?
    If not you need that first, then download the data from your watch to Training Center. In version 3.3.2 and above you can export just one run, or just one week of runs. Check what version of Training Center you are using then upgrade if necessary.

    There are multiple ways to export the data from Training Center,
    You can get all, or a week, or just one run.
    In the History window, where it groups your runs by week.
    ie 10/19/2008 - 10/25/2008 if you right click on a this week title you will see and export option that does that week of runs
    In the same History window if you right click on a specific run
    ie 10/25/2008 9:54:05 AM you will get an option to export just that run

    Now go to ItsMyRun.

    • 1 Click on 'Load Garmin File', (upper left hand box)
    • 2 a window pops up for you to enter the file you want to upload
    • 3 click 'browse' go find your garmin file and click 'upload'
    • 4 the file will start to get copied over then added to the database and tell you when it is completed.
    • 5 that should be it go look at your training logs.
  6. Why do you use pop-up windows?

    I use pop-up windows with my entry forms, it allows you to cut and paste between other data sources easier.

  7. What is RSS?

    Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution. This is a simple way for fans that don't frequent to track their favourite athletes races with the RSS reader of their choice. All they need to do is select the RSS link of the athlete they want to track then copy and paste that URL into their RSS reader.

  8. Who is ItsMyRun?

    My name is Rob (Robbie-T), I'm a runner. is a hobby of mine and a way for me to share what I've built for myself with the running community.

  9. What new features are you working on?

  10. Can I make a donation to support this service?

    Membership is free and I plan to keep it that way, but it does take time and a certain amount of money to keep this site running and updated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    A receipt of your donation will be sent by email. If your company is making the donation, it may be eligible as a valid expense. Currently, a personal donation is not tax deductible since is not registered as a charity.

  11. What do I do if I still have questions?

    Just contact the ItsMyRun Support Team.

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