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# Date Member -- Location Type
1Apr-10 2021 Slacker 6.4kmTelfer Road Run
2Apr-10 2021 Carmine 21.2kmfrom home XT 19.0 kph avg speed
3Apr-10 2021 militarybrat 24.0kmTay Shore Trail XT First ride of the year, nice and easy
4Apr-10 2021 KDG 9.9kmCartier-Portage Loop
5Apr-9 2021 bunsontherun 3.6kmOkotoks Run Track training with Audra Kanski and Michelle Chisholm. Ray Dunlop came out to watch. After the training went to the Okotoks park for Fish and Chips dinner.
TBCR Total 877.59
6Apr-9 2021 Slacker 6.3kmTelfer, London Line Run
7Apr-9 2021 KDG 9.9kmCartier-Portage Loop
8Apr-7 2021 bunsontherun 6.9kmBragg
Creek/Fullerton Loop
Run Six of us went for a hike with six dogs. Audra with dogs Hank and Cooper; Ryan with dog Speckles, Mike with Dog Neo, Tracey with dog Gracie, and then Michelle and I with no dogs. Second time wearing my new hiking boots, but first time actually on a real hike - the first time I wore them was a walk around Carburn Park.
9Apr-7 2021 KDG 12.6kmSussex/River/Train/C
10Apr-6 2021 Slacker 6.5kmTelfer Road Run

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My Race Results
alexk Race Results
Total Races 37 5K 2 8K 10K 9 Half
7 Marathon 6
Personal Bests 5K 20:49 8K N/A 10K 41:02 Half
1:31:31 Marathon 3:20:08

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Race Location Date Distance PB Bib Chip Time Gun Time Pace Overall Pos. Gender Pos. Category Category Pos. Note Results Race Report Pics Splits Elevation Map
Wally Rodd Road Race Charlottetown Nov-5-16 10.00 km 46:50 4:41 25/117
F40-49 1
Last minute decision to race this (an hour before) but I was so thrilled I could fit it in. It's been too long since I've raced. I've got lots of work ahead but I'm feeling excited to gain back some speed & build some endurance. B placed 2nd in the 5k (after racing a 1500m in the pool 2 hrs before). Her 1500m was 21 min & so was her 5k - love the symmetry & drive of my budding triathlete!
Brookvale Ultra Brookvale, PEI Jul-31-16 50.00 km 6:31:06 7:50 9
F40-49 1
Seconds before the start, a friend quietly told me I'd never forget this day - so true. Over a month later, here's what made an impression:
- how calm I felt, like my only goal was to appreciate/honour the lovely woods & the strength of my bones
- how the light filtered through the trees, dappled & golden
- how committed I was to sticking to my race plan - hike the steep pitches & slow down when I thought I might be going too slow :)
- the small gifts that day like Frances putting ice in my Camal Bak @ 29k (ice water never tasted so good), coke @ 38k & Carolyn supporting me up a 200m climb @ 42k, how she wouldn't turn around until I started running again
- all the pink ribbons that kept me on course
- the quietness, tranquility, and peacefulness of the woods, especially in the second loop. Any other time, I would have been afraid to be alone out there
- how I realized there was nothing to be afraid of & maybe losing fear was my lesson that day
- how time and distance seemed to evaporate - all that mattered was the step I was taking
- how I was a total spaz on the steep downhills. Thankfully only the wildlife saw me!
- how the finish line (in all its beautiful simplicity) came way too soon
Words really can't do this adventure justice. I feel more on the trails ... More in touch with why I started to run in the first place. What a gift!

(There were only 2 women who finished the 50k race. I think 4 started).

Bay of Fundy International Marathon Campobello Island, NB & Lubec, Maine Jun-26-16 42.20 km 3:58:14 5:39 44/209
F40-49 4/22
Challenging course (2400 feet elevation gain) but so beautiful. The coastal views were spectacular. My goal was to use this race as a test run for Brookvale. I ran by feel (no garmin - just my timex watch on clock time) and kept the pace steady. But it was so tough & hot that even my easy pace felt hard in the final few miles & climbs! Overall, I'm happy w/ how I managed the heat & hills ... I learned some lessons that will help me next month, for sure (like walking w/ purpose & intent on the extra steep pitches, conserving energy wherever possible). As tough as it was, I definitely want to tackle this course again. It was well worth the effort - charming & so well organized.

Some firsts w/ this one: crossing borders while racing. Fun! Tenting the night before a race. Also fun! Instant coffee before a race ... Not as fun.
PEI Marathon PEI Oct-18-15 42.20 km 3:44:16 5:19

As the 3:45 pace bunny. I was the only bunny & there were people looking for 3:40 so the group decided I should pace for that through the half & we'd go from from there. The 1st half is a bit easier so some banked time is a strategy many employ! There were 2 BQs & lots of smiles @ the finish. I had a great experience & would love to do it again.

It was a cool & wet day but the wind was @ our backs for a lot of the race - nice to have that extra push :).
Challenge St. Andrews St. Andrews, NB Jul-5-15 70.30 mi 6:16:14 5:22 175/253

F40-44 11/19
Swim: 36:20 (faster than expected) 142/253
Bike: 3:34:13 (where I thought I'd be) 227/253
Run: 1:54:33 (strong & happy effort after surviving the bike) 103/253
Slow transitions :)
Clearly, my limiter is the bike! Lots of room to improve!!!

Fantastic experience & an amazing event - beautiful town, challenging/scenic course & well organized. I'd love to try this again. It was well worth the training & effort! It's fun to do things that are beyond our comfort ... I learned a lot about myself while playing the triathlete. I wish I had the time to play some more. Someday.
Fredericton Half Marathon Fredericton, NB May-10-15 21.10 km 1605 1:37:21 1:37:27 4:37 30/521
F40-49 1/100
Love this course! Great race. Kept the pace focused & steady & felt strong throughout.
Sporting Intentions Spring Run Off Charlottetown Apr-25-15 10.00 km 42:06 4:13
F40-44 1
Great race - surprised by the result. I won a really nice bag :).
WR3 Road Race Pownal Apr-18-15 21.10 km 1:38:43 4:41
F40-44 2
Strong & steady w/ Brenda B - right where we need to be!
DQ Bunny Hop 5k Charlottetown Apr-4-15 5.00 km 22:49 4:34 10/82
F40-49 1/17
Too much Good Friday cheer - bailed on the 10k but had a lot of fun!
PEI Marathon PEI Oct-19-14 42.20 km 1316 3:25:22 3:25:26 4:52 36/321
F40-49 1/52
A course PB & some nice prizes! After 4 attempts, I finally conquered this course. I ran a strong negative split and moved up 26 positions in the 2nd half! This is a tough course for me - doesn't work to my strengths, at all. I feel content w/ today's result. I think I'll put racing this one to bed :). 3:25 is plenty good enough! It was warm, humid & windy enough but my slower 1st half made the conditions fine, for me. That's a good lesson learned. I missed B's company in the 2nd half but her patience & wisdom through the first 21.1 brought me home strong. I couldn't have done that without her.
Kensington Harvest Festival Race Stanchel Aug-16-14 25.00 km 1:57:39 4:43 17/85
F40-44 1
Got home @ 2am after a wedding and would have skipped the race if I hadn't preregistered (& paid) - glad I did! What a super day. I started out w/ Brenda & Jocelyn without much of a plan. We all had reasons to doubt our abilities to run our strongest so we decided to go w/ how our bodies felt w/ the passing miles & hills. We took the first few climbs easy & met up w/ Helga. By Kinkora, Helga & I were running together w/ Brenda & Joce not too far behind. We never saw them again. Helga & I set a nice steady pace as we passed the halfway & kept picking it up as we got closer to the finish. I felt stronger than I ever have in this race. Our last mile was 6:52 - I usually fade on the hill in the last 1.5 miles so I was thrilled to feel like I has some extra spunk in my legs coming home :). I missed Brenda & Joce's company but enjoyed racing w/ Helga & getting to know her better. She's a tough, strong runner (much faster than me at her best. She's run a 3:14 marathon and ran 1:50 in this race last year) & I learn so much when I race w/ new people.

I'm really happy w/ how this race unfolded. At 43, my days of running PBs are few and far between. But staying strong & consistent gives me just as much satisfaction :).

Brookvale Ultra 25k Brookvale Aug-3-14 25.00 km 2:35:33 6:14 14/44
F40-44 1
This was special for a few reasons:
-the woods were so peaceful & it didn't feel like a race. The effort was there but there was no striving. I never had a clue where I was or what my time/pace was & I didn't care. I focused only on my surroundings & staying on course (and upright). I was always (and only) in the moment.
-I ran w/ Brenda for 15km & was reminded, once again, what a team we make. I pushed us up the hills & she was the steady hand going down. Our rhythm was perfect - I'm a better person w/ her by my side, no doubt!
-at 43, I can still find new ways to celebrate being a runner. Nothing motivates me more than feeling strong & happy doing the things that I love. Who knew a klutz like me could race through the woods - not gracefully - but laughing & having fun!?
-I had a sensation of something familiar the whole race that I still can't figure out. I think I was reminded about being a kid & playing in the woods. Maybe?
Dunk River Race Badeque, PEI Jul-20-14 11.60 km 54:32 4:43 19/47
F40-44 1/7
Brenda & I combined the race w/ our long run by running the loop twice. Race was loop #2. Our plan was to run the race @ MP (or start on pace & see how long we could hang on). In retrospect, it was a good measuring tool as we begin our marathon focus but we hadn't thought that far ahead! We stuck together until close to the halfway point. Brenda's legs weren't totally committed (still recovering from St.Andrews) so I ran the 2nd half solo. The course ends w/ a final mile long hill. It was brutal but I hung on (barely). I somehow managed to place 1st for women - kind of funny. No big prize though (I wanted new shoes) but I got a plaque. Always great to be a part of the race experience :).

They changed the course for safety reasons; more hills made it a bit tougher but I liked it better.
Brudenell Sprint Triathlon Brudenell Provincial Park Jul-13-14 0.00 mi 1:43:08 0:00 36/56
F40-44 3/7
1st triathlon: no idea what to except so goal was to embrace & enjoy! Swim was more intense than I anticipated. The water was choppy & I wasn't prepared for all the bodies, especially as we turned around the buoys. I could always see Nicky, thankfully, & we finished the swim together. Our transition to the bike was slow (but didn't seem so at the time). We were over 5 minutes. I need to practice getting out of the wetsuit! The bike was awesome - rolling, country roads. I did fine w/ the clips - no falls & I actually felt relaxed for the 1st time on the bike! Nicky & I stuck together. My transition from bike to run was a bit better (1:38) & I did the run solo. Nicky opted not to run b/c of an injury. My legs felt funny until I climbed the 1st hill. I felt strong through the finish. It was a great experience - fun to be outside my usual racing box! I'd like to try another one to see if I can improve the transitions & bike ( and maybe shave some seconds off the run).
Goodlife Toronto Marathon Toronto May-4-14 42.20 km 689 3:20:08 3:20:11 4:45 154/1557
F40-44 4/91
Perfect race. My goal was to run a steady & controlled 1st half (1:39:xx) and maintain the effort, while staying focused/positive, for the 2nd half. I had 3:19:59 floating in my thoughts but the final time wasn't as important as running strong and keeping myself together (which I don't often do in the marathon). I accidentally shut off my watch in the first mile (turned it back on but didn't know the time lapse) so I ran by feel, more or less, until the finish. That was a blessing, I think. As my focus shifted to the feel of the effort, I was able to leave the inevitable pressure of #s behind. It was very liberating! There was a strong headwind from 21 ish to 35k but I think it made me run stronger. My fight or flight instinct kicked in and I just kept pushing and picking people off. I passed lots of people (3 women, I think) in those final miles. I've NEVER finished a marathon feeling so strong - it was a beautiful thing! When I glanced at the clock and saw the 3:20 I had a private, little chuckle. It was a sweet (but not bitter) irony to come so close to breaking 3:20 without knowing how close I was. I have no regrets though - 9 seconds are meaningless compared to the feeling of giving 100% of myself and receiving so much more. For whatever crazy reason, I've spent nearly 16 years chasing the dream of running a marathon that matched what I felt was my true ability - I've had great races but I've never stayed strong (and truly raced) from start to finish (Boston 2011 is a close 2nd but I had to fight some demons that day). I finally realized that dream and it's as perfect as I imagined. I love the marathon!
DQ Bunny Hop Charlottetown Apr-19-14 10.00 km 41:47 4:11 13/102
F40-49 2/15
Always love this race - 13th for the 3rd year in a row! Missed Brenda pushing me and keeping track of splits but I did ok solo. Spencer C kept me on pace and competitive! The chip timing seems wrong (has me @ 41:57) so I'm going by my garmin. Happy w/ the effort as I start to taper. I ran as fast I could - that's always enough, for me.
PEI Marathon PEI Oct-20-13 42.20 km 1270 3:27:18 3:27:23 4:55 39/300
F40-44 3/41
I got what I could give! Beautiful day & I took a risk hoping my experience might pull through. But fitness is hard to fake :). Still finished strong enough and loved the experience. The first 10k along the shore were glorious - few places as beautiful for a marathon start.
Kensington Harvest Festival 25km Stanchel Aug-17-13 25.00 km 1:57:26 4:42 15/71
F40-44 3
LOVE this race! It's all about running the 1st half smart (killer hills) so you can finish strong. I've had some bad races w/ this one but today was great. Managed a 4 minute negative split. Kept pace w/ Brenda until the last hill - her kick was too strong for my legs today! This was the 9th time I've run this race. 3rd best time & just a minute off my PB. Love racing w/ B - lots to celebrate :).
Source for Sports 10k S'side Aug-10-13 10.00 km 45:47 4:35 19
F40-44 1
W/ my fav race pal, Brenda. Ran 10 miles before. Pace plan was a steady MP but we were a smidge faster. Felt great to be racing again & felt strong despite my lack of faster running lately!
Johnny Miles Half Marathon New Glasgow, NS Jun-16-13 21.10 km 1336 1:35:02 1:35:09 4:31 29/362
F40-44 3/63
Worked for every minute of my time today. Never really felt good but hung on and kept pace. Tough course - I was reminded that it's impossible to fake hills! Ran w/ Brenda for 16k then made her pull ahead b/c she was feeling strong and had a chance to finish in the top 3. She resisted but gave into me - so glad she did. She finished 3rd and won our AG :). Grateful I had B to pull me through this one - w/o her I would have settled into a 1:40 pace, no doubt! ITB was fine though I ran scared the whole time!!!
Toronto Goodlife Marathon Toronto May-5-13 42.20 km 483 3:21:05 3:21:19 4:46 137/1694
F40-44 1/105
Great race - got caught up in the excitement and went out way too fast. Oops! I paid for it in the last 10k along the lakeshore. The heat made things tough but I held on. But no regrets - my plan had been to go through the half in 1:39 though I don't think my final time would have been any better had I followed that. The goal of this race was to get back in the game and I'm back - happy, grateful and ready to do it all over again :).

Loved the course but found the stetch along the lakeshore mentally tough. I ran alone the entire time - didn't feel at all like a big city race. I need company (distraction) to stay focused; my paradox!
DQ Bunny Hop Ch Mar-30-13 10.00 km 41:16 4:08 13/124
F40-44 2
1sr race of 2013 & I was 13th - a good sign :). Great race conditions though a bit cool. I ran w/ Brenda B but she faded a bit on the last hill. I had a strong finish & felt as decent as I can in a 10k throuhgout. That sub 41 still continues to elude me. I'll keep trying! Overall - super pleased.
PEI Marathon/Relay Oct-14-12 7.20 km 30:32 4:15

Great experience. CF PEI REALLY wanted to win so I had to give it 100% - didn't want to let them down. We were about 400m behind the team in 1st when I started; took me until the final 1/2 mile to catch him. We ended up finishing 1st in 3:01:29 - a course record for the relay. Mike was pretty pleased! Must say, it's fun to share the burden of racing 26.2 but I'd still rather do it solo - today reminded me how much I love the big M. I felt pretty good out there. The new shoes were awesome - light & fast.
Farmers helping Farmers 10 miler Summerside Sep-29-12 16.10 km 516 1:11:36 4:27 12
F40-44 2
1st time racing this distance so a PB by default :). Felt stronger than expected & managed a negative split, somehow. The course was awesome - flat and fast (though lots of twists/turns), followed the waterfront - very scenic. I ran outside my fitness the last couple of miles but, as Jen told me, racing should hurt! I feel like the speed is coming back - glad I had some guts today; not as hard to summon when I have no expectations. Finished 2nd female behind speedy Jen (!:02). Super day.
Source for Sports 10k Summerside, PEI Aug-11-12 10.00 km 45:57 4:36

1st race post-injury. Very grateful to be back :).
Fredericton Half Marathon Fredericton, NB May-13-12 21.10 km 1249 1:31:31 1:31:35 4:21 28/535
F40-49 2/75
No excuse not to lay it all on the line: perfect weather, flat/fast course and I was ready & feeling good. The English teacher in me always needs a race theme. This one came from some racing advice I read from Courtney Babcock. Her words: "Sometimes when you just race and don't overthink it, you do things you didn't think were possible."

So I raced. After a hectic first 5k (lots of cat/mouse stuff), I found myself nestled into a nice pace with 2 guys. We worked together the rest of the race, each of us taking turns at the lead. We barely spoke, just the occassional "feeling ok?". I rarely glanced at my garmin b/c the pace scared me when I did :). We were never passed and passed lots of people in the final few kms (2 women). We finished strong though they kicked ahead of me when we could see the finish line! According to the guys, we ran a negative split - I have no idea b/c I still haven't figured out how to get my garmin's history. I never did get their names, just a hug and a "great race." That's the funny/great thing about racing. You get the chance to share such a special, intimate moment with people you don't know and will never see again. You're strangers, but when the race unfolds, you couldn't be more connected.

I somehow managed to finish 2nd in my AG, behind Paula Keating (1st female in 1:19). That's like finishing behind Jen - honoured to be in such great company!

Very pleased with the day - won't forget this one.
WR3 Half-Marathon Pownal, PEI Apr-21-12 21.10 km 1:33:02 4:25 11/88
F40-44 1/14
Awesome race; found my groove early and went with it. Pace was even & steady - had no problem holding it throughout. I stayed focused on each mile and loved every minute. My mantra was "leap" and "transform". The art's in the leap. I need to allow myself, without looking back, to be tranformed :).

Chipin' away at that time - can't wait 'til F'ton.
Bunny Hop 10k Charlottetown, PEI Apr-7-12 10.00 km 379 41:12 4:08 13/134
F40-44 1
Such a great race - ran with my training partner/friend, Brenda. We had no time goal and didn't pay attention to our watches (mine wasn't even on). Our plan was to push as hard as we could and we did. It was a perfect race day - cool with just a bit of wind. This isn't an easy course (has hills) so I think we've got a faster 10k coming as the season progresses.This is just seconds off my PB which I thought was a fluke; good to know it wasn't and that I belong sub 42. I'm really loving racing these days - all my inhibitions/lack of guts seem to have vanished :). "I used to run with doubt. Now she can't keep up." Love it!
Hypothermic Half Stanhope, PEI Feb-26-12 21.10 km 1:38:48 4:41 5/65
F40-44 2
Great race today! Ran with Brenda and Leo for the first 15k then pulled ahead b/c I was feeling strong. The wind was insane - 70km/hr gusts along the shore in the National Park (7k) and for the final 3k along Stanhope Bay; we had a headwind for almost half the race but the temp was perfect (-1) and it was sunny :). I'm really pleased with this one. I passed a few guys who always beat me in the final 5k and my fastest mile was 7:00 at 18k (11 miles) just before I turned back into the wind. Jen was the overall winner in 1:26; not a PB (of course) but she did that all on her own. She won by over a km!!! Leo and Brenda also finished strong in 1:41 (her MP); good day for us all :).
PEI Half Marathon Charlottetown, PEI Oct-16-11 21.10 km 1906 1:35:25 1:35:29 4:32 26/638
F40-44 2/138
See notes from entered run; great day overall though I had to work hard which is a good lesson:). I've got a lot to learn with this distance; I could come to enjoy racing half marathons :). Wish i could include my splits but I wore jen's garmin (mine is on the outs) and I messed it up. Pace was quick to start but settled into goal pace quicky. Lost some time on the 3 hills in the last 6k (with a nasty headwind) but not much: maybe 45 secs.
Harvest Festival Race pei Aug-20-11 25.00 km 1:58:54 4:45
Race results messed up - I finished with Brenda but they had her 5 secs ahead. My watch read 1:58:45. No big deal though. Not a PB but just 2 minutes off and 3rd best time. Just 3rd time breaking 2 hrs (8th time running this). Hot day (PB for a hot day).Tough, hilly course but a favourite. Ran with Leo and Brenda the entire race with Leo pacing. Ran a 3 minute neg split (a first) :)
Source for Sports 10k pei Aug-13-11 10.00 km 42:37 4:15
F40-49 2
A course PB; last minute decision to do this (ran 8 miles of hills the day before). So glad I did. Started fast with Brenda (6:28 first mile); realised quickly she was feeling stronger so she lead the way. I kept her close and held on even when I wanted to quit. Kms 7-9 are a gradual uphill. This part was tough. Brenda ran a PB by a minute :) I couldn't have run any faster.
Dunk River Run pei Jul-10-11 11.60 km 52:06 4:27
F40-49 1
First time doing this. Great run until the final 2 miles. All uphill and I sucked :( Totally caved and lost my mental edge. I'm rarely strong the first time around. This makes me mad. Another one done though and there's always next year.
Cabot Trail Relay Leg 9 Cape Breton, NS May-29-11 13.10 km 57:54 4:26 9

Rural Raiders 10k pei May-21-11 10.00 km 41:02 4:07
F40-49 1
PB by a minute. Great race; didn't wear my garmin; just pushed. Not many women racing and none of my competition; I have to learn to trust that I can pace myself and not just follow people. Obviously some post-Boston fitness helped :) May never see those numbers again!
proude's shoes 5k pei May-7-11 5.00 km 20:49 4:09
F40-49 1
Boston Marathon 2011 Apr-17-11 26.20 mi 3:22:46 7:44 5605
F40-49 90
Best race ever. I felt so good and strong even when it got tough. If I never get back, I'll be content. I wanted this so badly and worked so hard to get it. I'll hold this one close to my heart forever :)
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