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# Date Member -- Location Type
1Oct-18 2019 militarybrat 5kmNeighbourhood Run
2Oct-17 2019 bunsontherun 5.9kmGlenmore Landing
Running Room
Run First night of the new Half Marathon Run Clinic. Started off with a run to Oscar and return for the clinic discussion where Terry, Gary and Too Tall talked about Clinic Expectations and what will be happening.
3Oct-17 2019 KDG 6kmBike/LF/EFX M-S 2k 15% 3.0, 10 min lev 25
4Oct-16 2019 bunsontherun 6.8kmGlenmore Landing
Running Room
Run Post Marathon Shake Out Run to Oscar with Hartley, Nadine, Lorne and Liz. Afterwards went to 1600 with Lil, Sheila, Peter K and Kerrie.
5Oct-13 2019 bunsontherun 42.2kmChicago Marathon Race Started off strong with the 4:50 Pacer but had to go to washroom at 9 km point and then ran to catch up to this group. But still felt strong, and moved passed the 4:40 group which caused me to burn out sooner and the last half of the Marathon was tougher with lots of walk breaks. Abbot 5th Start Completed.
6Oct-15 2019 bunsontherun 0kmNorthhill World
Health Club
M-S 1600-1630 Absolution w/Margaree
1630-1730 Force w/Margaree
1730-1830 Zumba w/Kim
7Oct-15 2019 KDG 2kmLF Run
8Oct-15 2019 militarybrat 5kmNeighbourhood Run Forecast sunny 13
9Oct-12 2019 West Grey
53kmSticks and Stones Race Registered Feb 8
10Oct-14 2019 militarybrat 6.8kmBoyne
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My Race Results
militarybrat Race Results
Total Races 12 5K 1 8K 10K 3 Half
Marathon 5
Personal Bests 5K 30:34 8K N/A 10K 53:40 Half
N/A Marathon 4:28:16

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Race Location Date Distance PB Bib Chip Time Gun Time Pace Overall Pos. Gender Pos. Category Category Pos. Note Results Race Report Pics Splits Elevation Map
MEC Race #1 Apr-4-15 10.00 km 53:40 5:22

MEC Race Series-Race ONE Kempenfelt Bay Barrie Apr-5-14 10.00 km 54:12 5:26

Tough Conditions...ran by PE...really tough headwind...felt like 5k pace at times to try and make up time 13:43 (first 2.5k) & 13:42 (last 2.5k) 26:47 (middle 5k) wonder what i can do in perfect conditions?
MEC Race Four Orillia Sep-14-13 10.00 km 55:20 5:32

MEC 10K Barrie Heritage Park Barrie Waterfront Apr-6-13 9.40 km 51:35 5:30

Very low idea of stats...participants,etc..i needed a 10k race to guage my fitness as i'm training for a half in May...the last time i raced 10k was in 2009 and i blew up in the first was Canada Day and it was hot,hot,hot...i think i finished around 58-59 minutes. I am so 'pumped' with my results this time, even though i found out afterwards that the course was short, i ran by perceived exertion - it felt 'tough but do-able' the whole way. I was so nervous before the start, i was shaking (LOL)...i ran a five minute 'warm up'..i think that helped.
Base Borden Half Marathon-5k Base Borden Oct-21-12 5.00 km 30:34 6:07

M was volunteering, last minute decided to sign up...very well organized and a great cause...(good memories,too)
Goodlife Toronto Marathon Toronto Oct-17-10 0.00 km

Didn't happen... and can't say "there's always next year". Will have to think of a cool place to travel to for next year's Fall Marathon.
Goodlife Marathon Toronto Oct-18-09 42.20 km 5:13:35 7:26

Last 3 weeks of training I did not want to run (very unusual for me), legs were very sore and tired since mid Sept., kept pace for first half, then, felt pain in left hip, then, all down left leg, couldn't put weight on it, then right leg started to hurt also, walked most of second half. Very disappointing. :(
Barrie Duathlon Barrie Aug-9-09 0.00 km 1:39:04 0:00

Wanted to do this for fun, didn't get a chance to bike much this summer. Had no idea what I was doing, LOL, but had a really good time! The timing mats malfunctioned, but I know I was 44 minutes on the bike, so I must of spent 55 minutes running. The weather was extreme - thunder/lightening, pouring rain, (Mike couldn't believe they didn't cancel). May do another - someday.
Mississauga Marathon Mississauga May-10-09 42.20 km 4:28:16 6:22

Goodlife Marathon Toronto Oct-19-08 42.20 km 4:37:42 6:35

Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon Toronto Sep-30-07 42.20 km 4:44:02 6:44

Ottawa Marathon Ottawa May-27-07 42.20 km 5:13:10 7:26

Dad's "Last Marathon" in 1992, my "First Marathon" :)
Had lower leg problems following ATB, didn't run at all for the 3 week taper. No pain during the race, but, endurance was a problem.
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