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# Date Member -- Location Type
1Mar-19 2018 HCiD 5kmGoodLife Kanata Run 30 min / 5k Run on the treadmill this afternoon at the Club ....
2Mar-19 2018 Habs4ever 6.8kmTreadmill home Run Run/walk
3Mar-16 2018 Habs4ever 6.5kmTreadmill home Run Run/walk
4Mar-19 2018 militarybrat 6.4kmtreadmill Run Feels Like -14C
5Mar-18 2018 MikeM 17kmbarrhaven Run
6Mar-18 2018 HCiD 5kmGoodLife Kanata Run 5k / 30 min on the hamstermill this afternoon afternoon shift at RR...
7Mar-18 2018 KDG 10kmLF95Ti M-S Run: 5k 6-8.7 range
Row: (500) 1k (d=6)
A few weights.
8Mar-18 2018 Carmine 5.9kmRunning Room Run 141 spm
lots of walking to stay with the other runners
gorgeous morning for a run
9Mar-18 2018 bunsontherun 14.1kmGlenmore Landing
Running Room
Run Ran with Warren's Half Marathon group today due to pathway conditions. Once I got to Anderson Road turnaround point, decided to run to catch up with Fran's running group.
10Mar-9 2018 QuickChick 7.5kmvalley woods Run

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# Feel Date Type Duration Distance/
Pace Speed Calories Where Temp Notes Laps/
Laps Map Elevation HR Info
30FunMay-31 0:00 WedRun 20:003km/80km6:409.0Merivale RR Club Run17Nice and steady 3k with the Half Mary Clinic Group .. 0 0infoTemperature:17
29GoodMay-30 0:00 TueRun 30:305km/77km6:069.8Kanata ly23 0 0infoTemperature:23
28GoodMay-29 0:00 MonRun 31:305km/72km6:189.5Kanata Lakes16Usual 5k loop around Kanata Lakes w/ 2 sets 10:1's0 0infoTemperature:16
27FunMay-28 0:00 SunRun / Yoga 1:30:000.0Movati Athletic Kanata That was a nice and enjoyable 90 min in about 40c this morning ??🙀

Yeah, Hot Yoga class with Aleysha at Movati Athletic Kanata... ha!! 😛😹
0 0infoWeather:Indoors
26GoodMay-28 0:00 SunRun 32:305km/67km6:309.2Kanata Lakes26Was able to get out for a short 5k / 32:30 run this afternoon... finishing at the Kanata Ribfest.. how conv, eh!! :shock: :shifty: :dance: Was a balmy 26c and overcast..0 0infoTemperature:26
25GoodMay-27 0:00 SatRun / Yoga 1:15:000.0Movati Athletic Nepean 75 min Hot Yoga class this morning before another shift at the RR, putting me at 31 hours this week ... 0 0infoWeather:Indoors
24FunMay-26 0:00 FriRun / Yoga0.0Movati Athletic Kanata 60 min Yoga class with Kristy his morning..0 0infoWeather:Indoors
23GoodMay-25 0:00 ThuRun 41:306km/62km6:558.7Kanata Lakes 156k loop around Kanata Lakes.. 3x sets 10:1's0 0infoTemperature:15
22GoodMay-24 0:00 WedRun / Yoga0.0Movati Athletic Nepean 60 mi. Hot Power Yoga with Pam his afternoon 0 0infoWeather:Indoors
21GoodMay-22 15:30 MonRun 28:455km/56km5:4510.4Kanata Lakes 13
A good 5k / 28:45 loop around my regular Kanata Lakes loop in the afternoon.. 13c and overcast..
0 0infoTemperature:13
20GoodMay-22 9:30 MonRun / Yoga0.0Movati Athletic Kanata 75 min Gentle Yoga class this morning with Tracey0 0infoWeather:Indoors
19GoodMay-21 0:00 SunRun / Yoga 1:15:000.0Movati Athletic Kanata 75 min Hot Yoga class with Lara this morning...0 0infoWeather:Indoors
18GoodMay-20 0:00 SatRun / Yoga 1:15:000.0Movati Athletic Nepean 75 min Hot Yoga class with Kristy this morning...0 0infoWeather:Indoors
17GoodMay-19 0:00 FriRun 28:555km/51km5:4710.4Kanata Lakes 15A repeat of yesterday's 5k loop around Kanata Lakes at 15c cooler this afternoon... ran it in about 2:30 faster ... just proves that heat may have affects on performance? Ha!! 🤔😛0 0infoTemperature:15
16GoodMay-18 0:00 ThuRun 31:305km/46km6:189.5Kanata Lakes 31That was quite the hot 5k run around Kanata Lakes this afternoon at a sunny 31c+ ... 😛😛0 0infoTemperature:31
15GoodMay-16 15:30 TueRun 45:007km/41km6:269.3Kanata Lakes 19Nice and steady 7k / 45 min run around Kanata Lakes this afternoon.. balmy 19c and overcast...
0 0infoTemperature:19
14GoodMay-16 10:30 TueRun / Yoga 1:15:000.0Movati Athletic Kanata 75 min Hot Yog Core this morning with Erin ...0 0infoWeather:Indoors
13GoodMay-15 0:00 MonRun / Yoga 1:15:000.0Movati Athletic Kanata 75 min Hot Yin Yoga class with Lyssa this afternoon...0 0infoWeather:Indoors
12GoodMay-14 0:00 SunRun / Yoga 1:15:000.0Movati Athletic Nepean 75 min Hot Power Yoga class with Wendy this morning..0 0infoWeather:Indoors
11GreatMay-13 0:00 SatRun 1:15:0011km/34km6:508.8Kanata Lakes w/Marg12Had a very enjoyable and pleasant 11k run around Kanata Lakes with Marg this morning .. was 12c and overcast with a bit of drizzle towards the end ...

Woohoo, longest run in over 8 months ... thanks again for the company, Marg 😀
0 0infoTemperature:12
10GoodMay-11 0:00 Thu

Movati Athletic Kanata Had a 75 min Hot Yin Yoga class this afternoon, followed by my first time back in the pool in 3 weeks for swim lessons.. how quickly we lose these new found soft skills, eh! Lots of focus on technical aspects this time around...0 0infoWeather:Indoors
9GoodMay-10 0:00 WedRun 50:008km/23km6:159.6Kanata Run Club13Made it out to Run Club for the first time in about 7-8 months ... ended up running with the 10K Clinic Group with some young Dude by the name of Grant? Steady effort of 8K with 4x sets of 10:1's in approx 50 minutes ?? Quite a pleasant 13c and overcast this evening. 0 0infoTemperature:13
8GoodMay-9 0:00 TueRun / Yoga 1:15:000.0Movati Athletic Nepean Was able to make it to a 75 min Hot Yoga Flow at the Nepean Movati this afternoon before heading to an evening shift .. think he Yogi may have confused it being a 60 min class as we spent the final 15 min in shavasana? 0 0infoWeather:Indoors
7GoodMay-8 0:00 MonRun / Yoga 1:00:000.0Movati Athletic Kanata 75 min Hot Yin Yoga with Lyssa0 0infoWeather:Indoors
6GoodMay-7 9:00 SunCross Training / Yoga 1:15:00Movati Athletic Nepean 75 Hot Yoga class with Christianne this morning before a shift at Merivale RR...0 0infoWeather:Indoors
5GoodMay-5 9:00 FriRace5km/15km0.0Run Ottawa 5k Open - May8Starting to find my happy running legs, crossing the monthly Run Ottawa 5k in The Farm in 28:40.. slowly but progressively improving and pain-free now .... 😛0 0infoTemperature:8
Shoe:Innov-8 X-Talon 190
4GoodMay-4 0:00 ThuRun / Yoga 1:15:000.0Movati Athletic Nice and easy 75 min Hot Yoga with Susan 0 0infoWeather:Indoors
3GoodMay-3 0:00 WedRun 28:505km/10km5:4610.4Kanata Lakes 132x 10:1's 0 0infoTemperature:13
2GoodMay-1 16:00 MonRun / Yoga 1:15:000.0Movati Athletic 75 min Hot Gentle Yoga 0 0infoWeather:Indoors
1GoodMay-1 11:30 MonRun 29:245km/5km5:5310.2Kanata Lakes 8Slowly but surely coming along .. nice steady 5k / 29:25 run along my regular loop in The Lakes.. mild overcast at 8c this morning... 2x sets 10:1s0 0infoTemperature:8
. . Total Runs: 28
total XT: 3
. 21:38:24
80 km
. 0
. . . . . . . . .

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