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Hello Runners!

Welcome to the newsletter issue #3! It has been a long time since the last newsletter.

The Spring race season is in full swing already, the temperatures are perfect for running and there is no need for extra layers anymore, thank goodness!!.

Thanks to everyone that has sent me feedback, comments and bug reports about the site, it all helps to make the site more useful and accurate. Keep them coming.

BTW I just realized that email notification hasn't been working (feedback notification, membership welcome, password reminder, contact me), that should all be good now. Sorry. So if you didn't get a reply from someone you sent a message to it wasn't because they were ignoring you ;-)

The last newsletter was January 2008, so I guess I'm really holding up word about keeping these newletters very infrequent. However there have been many changes since then, I hope I can remember them all.

ItsMyRun News

Pace/Duration/Distance Calulations

Avg Heart Rate


Miles now accepted!!

Recent Smaller Updates

Anyone that hasn't been to the site for a while, come on back and see what's new.

If you are interested in promoting anything running related let me know, I've had an idea of setting up a page to post news and events, kind of like a user bulletin board.

One other idea I've had is a FB rip-off, how about a "great run" status like Facebook's "i like this". An easy way to give simple feedback and encouragement to fellow runners about their posted runs or races

Well my friends, thank you again for your time, please feel free to forward me any comments, feedback or whatever you have.

Run Hard, Run Happy;
Rob (Robbie-T)

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